@ Renewed in July. 2007

History Repeats Itself...

Salon'de ALIKA, Kyoto


   Year after year, we, at ALIKA LIMITED, have pursued European Antiques, Modern and Classic European Jewelries for 30 years.We have researched the history of European Jewelry and Art works through the Medieval, Mid Renaissance and the Modern Era, and the creation of new designs. We, at ALIKA LIMITED therefore have, from 1975, diligently acquired the concepts and interplay of ideas, to present to you with the "ALIKA COLLECTION 2007".

Since our beginning, our goal and motivation has been, and always will be, our untiring search for excellece of design, Craftsmanship and undeniable Quality and Uniqueness. We are justifiably proud of our record of service to our very many patrons who consistently confirm their confidence and satisfaction, the manifestation of which, is their repeated return to us to pursue their quest of exquisite creations. We at ALIKA LIMITED, record our thanks and appreciation of their confidence and goodwill. Our efforts continue to offer you the Best of the Best in Art Creations.